Help Stop Interference To 92.1 The Shore WVTY!

If you live in Beach Park, Russell, Rosecrans, Wadsworth, Winthrop Harbor or Zion, Illinois 92.1 The Shore needs your help right away.  Another station wants to go on the radio right next to 92.1 in Northeast, Illinois.  If the government lets them do this it might cause interference to 92.1 The Shore WVTY-FM in your town. We need your help to prevent this from happening. Please fill out this form to stop it.  Please do this right now before it’s too late — All of us here at 92.1 The Shore THANK YOU very much.  We want you to continue to be able to listen to us clearly in your town and we know you want that too but we can’t prevent this from happening without your help.  Please tell everyone you know that loves The Shore and lives in these communities that we need their help, too!