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Kelly Clarkson Jumps Ship: Joins ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson jumps ships from ‘American Idol’, the show that put her on the map, to ‘The Voice’. Other ‘American Idol’ alums like Jennifer Hudson will also appear as a coach on the upcoming season of ‘the

Late Night Takes on Trump and the Comey Firing

The late night comedy team made a point to respond to President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Trevor Noah have all spoken out about Trump’s decisions before, trying to ease the

WWE’s Brie Bella Gives Birth Over a Week Late

WWE Superstars Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan welcome in a new baby girl over a week late! With complications throughout the pregnancy, their baby girl, Birdie, is healthy even though nine days late. WWE’s Brie Bella Gives

Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction Dismissed After Suicide

Patriot’s tight end, Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction has been officially dismissed.Hernandez lawyers argued that because he did not exhaust all his appeals before the time of his death, the conviction cannot stand.  The doctrine that gave them

‘Rob & Big’ Star Christopher Boykin Dead at 45

Star of the hit MTV show ‘Rob & Big’ Christopher ‘Big Black’ Boykin died Tuesday morning. Cause of death is unknown but it’s speculated that he suffered a heart attack. ‘Big Black’ was Rob Dyrdek’s bodyguard and

Nicki Minaj Pays Fan’s Student Loans!

Nicki Minaj started paying off fans tuition’s and student loans for those who asked on Twitter. Nicki has already started transferring money into people’s accounts! Nicki Minaj Pays College Tuition, Loans for Students Who Asked on Twitter

Emma Watson Wins MTV’s First Gender Neutral Acting Award

Emma Watson wins MTV’s first gender neutral acting award, for her portrayal of Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’. This was the first year the fan-voted movie and TV awards had genderless categories for MTV.  Emma Watson wins

Game of Thrones 4 Different Spin offs

Home Box Office is developing 4 different spinoffs to The Game of Thrones, HBO is determined to continue the most popular series in HBO history.  Thrones is expected to conclude with its eighth-and-final season next year.  HBO