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FIRST LOOK: ‘Dirty Dancing’ Trailer is Here!

The “Dirty Dancing” remake, starring  Abigail Breslin in place of Jennifer Grey, is set to air May 24th on ABC as a three-hour filmed musical. A new promo has answered the most important question, will this remake

TRAILERS: Highly Anticipated Movies for 2017

This year will bring on a lot of a really great movies, including the likes of King Arthur, IT, The Circle, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 and many more. All the highly anticipated movies of 2017 are

Kim Zolciak’s Son Recovering from Dog Bite

One of Kim Zolciak’s sons got bitten by a dog this past weekend and is currently in the hospital following surgery. The whole family is by his side, as Kim misses her guest spot in the Andy

Bill Nye’s New Science Show on Netflix

Premiering more than 20 years after “Bill Nye the Science Guy” started on PBS, the new half-hour Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World”, is just as informative and intriguing.  Primarily focused toward adults, trying to break

Writers Guild of America Are Ready to Strike

A strike could happen if in the next five days, the Writers Guild of America members vote to allow leadership call a strike. It is reported that they will. In that case, WGA and Hollywood must reach

Bible Verse Written on Aaron Hernadez’s Forehead

Aaron Hernadez was found hung in his prison cell Wednesday morning following his aquittal from the double murders he was on trial for. It’s reported that a passage from the Bible, John 3:16, was scribbled above his