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Drake 400 Consecutive Weeks On The Hot 100 brings some clarity to the Drake vs. Nelly comparison saying that Nelly may have been bigger for a shorter period of time but didn’t have Drake’s longevity. Drake has now spent 400 consecutive weeks on the

Britney Spears Lifetime Movie Trailer reports, “The long-awaited trailer for Lifetime’s (completely unauthorized) Britney Spears biopic is here — and it’s quite the hair-razing experience. This campy mess has it all: Britney (played by Natasha Bassett) slaying onstage, getting hitched to

John Cena – Tom Brady Comparison

TMZ reports, “WWE legend John Cena says he’s a HUGE New England Patriots fan … not just because he loves to root for the team everyone hates … but ’cause he’s kinda like the Tom Brady of

Bella Hadid not happy about The Weeknd moving on so fast

She’s still trying to process the news. It’s no surprise that Bella Hadid didn’t appreciate learning about The Weeknd being together with Selena Gomez. According to an insider, Bella is hurt and upset that he’s moved on

Justin Bieber believes Selena Gomez is using The Weeknd

Justin Bieber had to comment on Selena’s new boyfriend. Bieber claims she’s being an opportunist and takind advantage of The Weekend for promotion.  Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez Is Using The Weeknd (VIDEO) Via 01/16/2017 1:46