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Bible Verse Written on Aaron Hernadez’s Forehead

Aaron Hernadez was found hung in his prison cell Wednesday morning following his aquittal from the double murders he was on trial for. It’s reported that a passage from the Bible, John 3:16, was scribbled above his

Happy Tax Day! Celebrities Who Have Had Tax Troubles

Celebrities have notoriously had problems with paying their taxes, despite having enough money to do so. In most recent celeb tax news, For example, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott’s bank accounts were drain over $700,000 by the IRS, and that

Easter Brings Hollywood Families Together

Easter is one of the biggest photo ops for Hollywood families, and they love to share on social media! Even the President of the United States made an appearance celebrating Easter on the First lady’s Instagram account.

Carrie Fisher’s Tear Jerking Tribute Video

Fans and friends celebrated Carrie Fisher at a “Star Wars” fan convention, Star Wars Celebration, on Thursday. The five minute tribute which includes behind the scene footage will bring you to tears.  The Carrie Fisher tribute that’ll

Kendrick Lamar Drops Fourth Album Overnight

Kendrick Lamar dropped his fourth studio album, “Damn,” overnight Thursday and fans are loving it. Initial reactions on Twitter erupted with memes of phones burning, and goat emojis, indicating the album is “fire” and he’s the “GOAT”

Survivor Contestant Outed as Transgender By Fellow Contestant

Zeke Smith was outed during long time running show ‘Survivor’ by fellow contestant Jeff Varner. The information was revealed during Tribal Council. SPOILER: Jeff apologized, but was consequently voted off the show.   Zeke Smith outed as