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Kendall Jenner Burglarized in Hollywood Hills Home

Kendall Jenner, the second youngest of the Kadashian clan was the latest Hollywood celebrity to be hit by burglars. The burglar took about 200k in jewelry from her Hollywood Hills home.  Kendall Jenner Burglarized Via 03/16/2017

Jared Fogel’s Prision Attacker Explains Why

Jared Fogle got attacked last year in prison by a 61 year old man. Steve Nigg, Fogle’s attacker, recently released a letter describing how Fogle had been revered as a God among the other pedophiles in prison and

Beyonce Surprises Dance Troupe Backstage

Beyonce and Mama Knowles surprises a L.A. dance show backstage and the girls were in awe. The group of girls are part of a L.A. based mentorship program set up by Mama Knowles herself.  Beyonce Makes a

‘Game of Thrones’ Final Season Only 6 Episodes

As if seven episodes for season 7 ‘Game of Thrones’ wasn’t disappointing, the final season will only have 6 episodes. Needless to say, creators are well aware fans will react. ‘Game of Thrones’ creators: Final season will