Contest Rules

Official Magnum.Media Contest Rules & Eligibility

Magnum Communications, Inc., Magnum Radio, Inc., Magnum Broadcasting, Inc.

a/k/a Magnum.Media “Magnum”

Entrant agrees to the following conditions:
1. Eligibility: Must be 21 years of age to enter. Proof of age and identity are required to
claim prize. You, or any member of your immediate family (defined at Spouse,
Domestic Partner, Significant Other, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Roommate, Mother, Father,
Son, Daughter, Brother or Sister) is not a present or former (within 60 days) employee of
Magnum or any associated sponsor or sign-up location. No purchase is necessary to
enter. Entries are limited to one per person per day unless otherwise specified. Prize
qualifiers may be required to attend the final drawing. Other conditions may apply.
2. This prize is non-transferable: If you, the qualifier or winner, cannot attend an event or
activity on the specified day(s) as described with the prize and/or accompanying
material, your eligibility for the prize is forfeited. If you forfeit the prize for this or any
other reason, you are not entitled to any alternative prize or compensation. If forfeiture
occurs Magnum will retain ownership of the forfeited prize.
3. No prize may be sold, traded or exchanged with a third party for cash or any item of
value within 90 days of the award.
4. Winner agrees to abide by conditions, limits or boundaries attached to prize and or its
use and enjoyment. Taxes, tips, fees, gratuities, licenses, incidental expenses etc. are
not included with the prize and are the responsibility of the winner. Unless specifically
stated, transportation of winner or prize is not included.
5. Prize may be subject to state and/or federal income tax. If the prize has a value of more
than $500 winner must provide a social security number for tax purposes.
6. Winner agrees to promptly take possession of the prize once it is made available. If left
unclaimed for more than five days prize will be forfeited.
7. The prize is “as presented” at the time the winner is determined. Actual prize may vary
from the descriptions or depictions presented earlier. Winner agrees to accept the prize
in the condition presented. Neither Magnum nor any associated sponsor or location will
be held responsible for alteration, modification or repair of prize.
8. Your acceptance of the prize gives Magnum and associated sponsors license to use
your name, likeness and or voice on or in any related promotional material of any type
including audio, video, print or digital.
9. Prize winner agrees to hold harmless Magnum and any and all associated sponsors or
locations for charges and or damages that might occur while enjoying this prize now and
10. Neither Magnum or any associated sponsor or location shall be held responsible for non-
performance, cancellation or modifications by a third party to this agreement or for other
acts or actions beyond reasonable control.